Expert Reports

Expert reports

This is a collection of reports by groups of experts appointed in accreditation and evaluation procedures. The reports are harmonized joint opinions of experts, and represent a crucial basis for the Agency Council in decision-making. Their publication serves as an important source of information for the general public on the state of quality and development as well as strengths and weaknesses of higher education institutions (HEI), their study programmes and higher vocational colleges (HVC). 

Reports are structured according to the areas of assessment in the Accreditation Criteria, Evaluation Criteria and follow the guidelines in the Manual for Experts. Although they are written in Slovene, they include a brief summary of key strengths and weaknesses or a general assessment in English at the end of each report so that foreign stakeholders may also access basic information. Some reports have been submitted prior to publication of the new Manual for Experts and external evaluation of the Agency and thus regarded earlier guidelines in which a summary in English was not required. For this purpose, we are constantly adding the translations and summaries for the reports on institutional accreditations and evaluations of HVC. Summaries in the reports on the quality of study programmes can already be found at the end of recently drafted and published full reports.

Individual reports are accessible by clicking the link to the higher education institution or higher vocational college and then accessing also the reports on study programmes. Since this is a large data base under construction, it will take some time to complete the information in English.