In accreditation and evaluation procedures the SQAA Council appoints at least three members to each group of experts, of which at least one is a foreign expert and one a student. Foreign experts are evaluators from foreign agencies entered in the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR) or experts from the field of quality assessment in higher education.

In cooperation with SQAA, the groups of experts carry out site visits in the locations in which the higher education institutions or higher vocational colleges intend to or provide their study programmes. A site visit is compulsory in the case of accreditation of a HE institution or HV college. In the case of accreditation of a study programme, a site visit is carried out when this is necessary for the purposes of complete assessment of the actual situation (e.g. in the case of a change in the field of study, a change in the location in which the study programme is provided, provision of the study programme in a branch, etc.).

The group of experts prepares a joint report on compliance with the criteria of assessment not later than within three months of submission of the complete accreditation/evaluation proposal on the basis of the submitted proposal with enclosures, other requested documentation and a possible site visit to the locations in which the HE institution or HV college intends to or performs its activities.

SQAA keeps a register of local experts, organises periodical trainings and conferences for them and cooperates with foreign quality assurance agencies or experts (so far mostly from Croatia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Spain, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria).

Criteria for Entry in the Registry of Experts

Manual for Experts

Site Visit Protocol