In the accreditation and evaluation procedures, the Agency Council appoints groups of independent experts consisting of at least three members, at least one of which is a foreign expert and one a studentForeign experts are evaluators from foreign agencies entered in the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR) or experts from the field of quality assessment in higher education. The candidates for experts of the Agency and experts shall be trained by the Agency.

In cooperation with the Agency, a group of experts shall perform a tour or a visit to the higher education institution or an evaluation of a study programme. It shall be announced at least fifteen days in advance. 

The assessment by a group of experts shall be autonomous. The findings shall be evident from the accreditation and evaluation report and a report on the transformation of higher education institutions which shall be prepared on the prescribed forms, according to the areas of assessment from the criteria by taking into consideration every standard of quality and the provisions for their assessment and statutory provisions.

SQAA keeps a register of local experts, organises periodical trainings and conferences for them and cooperates with foreign quality assurance agencies or experts (so far mostly from Croatia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Spain, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria).

Criteria for Entry in the Registry of Experts should be found here.