Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education


27. 3. 2018
Report on the quality in Slovenian HE and HVE

The Report on the Quality in Slovenian Higher Education and Higher Vocational Education in the Period from 2014 – 2017 is an extensive system-wide analysis of (1) external evaluations of 26 higher education institutions, 485 study programmes and 26 higher vocational colleges, and of (2) 188 self-evaluation reports of higher education institutions as well as 65 self-evaluation reports of higher vocational colleges.

Drawing from an large database of researched content, this report carefully analyses the outcomes and properties of evaluatory practices. It presents a general overview of quality in tertiary education and the corresponding evaluatory practices, while paving the way for further in-depth analyses according to specific variables, for instance type, cycle, classification of the study programme; type and status of the education institution; the year of the expert or self-evaluation report; specific areas of assessment, quality standards, quality indicators, as well as some other variables.

From: Report on the quality in Slovenian HE and HVE 2014 – 2017, page 15.


This is a map of accredited higher education institutions in Slovenia which have at least one accredited study programme and all higher vocational colleges in Slovenia.