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Quality manual

The SQAA self-evaluation constitutes an important element to accomplish and assess the objectives set in the strategy; it provides an opportunity for self-reflection and defines recommendations and measures to improve both the internal and external quality system. The objective of self-evaluation is to improve the SQAA internal quality system. The pursuit of this objective shall improve the external quality system, which leads to the establishment of quality loop and increased awareness of quality culture.

SQAA conducts its internal quality assurance procedures in accordance with its Quality Manual.

Self-evaluation reports

In 2012 SQAA systematically assessed its operation through a self-evaluation process. The process is presented in the self-evaluation report, which focuses not only on year 2012 but considers the total period of the SQAA operation, i.e. from March 2010 to the end of 2012. The main purpose of the SQAA self-evaluation was to: gain insight into how successfully and effectively internal processes at SQAA are conducted; assess the implementation of the priority strategic objectives set by SQAA until 2013; evaluate the implementation of the second and third parts of ESG and specify opportunities to improve the SQAA operation.

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