QA Procedures


Accreditations and external evaluations are part of the external system of quality assurance in higher education and higher vocational education. They are the fundamental activity of SQAA on which quality assessment of a higher education institution as a whole, an individual study programme or a higher vocational college is based.

INITIAL ACCREDITATION or RE-ACCREDITATION is granted for the maximum period of seven years. The accreditation procedure includes selfevaluation, an assessment and a report prepared by the expert group, and the decision of SQAA Council on granting the accreditation. Before the adoption of the founding charter, the founder must obtain a decision on accreditation of a higher education institution, while study programmes become certified upon being granted accreditation.

SELF EVALUATION carried out by a higher education institution or a higher vocational college is based on systematic collection, analysis and assessment of data on educational, scientific-research or artistic and professional activities; implementation of study programmes; students and graduates; international cooperation; and other activities of an institution or a college. On the basis of these findings, institutions and colleges adopt measures for further development and improvement of the quality of implementation of study programmes and their overall performance. The self-evaluation report must be made public.

EXTERNAL EVALUATION means overall assessment of quality of a higher education institution, a study programme or a higher vocational college. It is characterised by a mandatory site visit of an expert group which establishes progress and development achieved since the latest accreditation or evaluation. In higher education it is a part of the re-accreditation procedure, while in vocational higher education it is an independent procedure.

EXTRAORDINARY EVALUATION is a procedure initiated by SQAA in cases of clear grounds for believing that major breaches occurred in the operation of a higher education institution or a higher vocational college or in the implementation of a study programme. Extraordinary evaluation is carried out by the same procedure as external evaluation and ends with a decision by SQAA Council on re-accreditation or with an opinion on the achievement of statutory standards.

Initial accreditation procedure scheme

Re-accreditation and external evaluation procedure scheme