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The Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education undertakes to follow the standards and instructions from the European Higher Education Area in carrying out its activities in the following fields:

  1. building of efficient system of external and inner quality assurance;
  2. maintaining its legal status as a public agency and independent spending authority according to the national legislation;
  3. acquiring recognition by the competent associations of the European Higher Education Area;
  4. lawfully implementing the procedures of quality assurance on institutional and programme levels;
  5. providing and developing adequate resources (material, personnel and information resources) to support efficient and successful conduct of accreditation procedures;
  6. forming and implementing its mission, vision and development strategies;
  7. making its functioning transparent and public through publicly accessible evaluation reports and all related decisions,
  8. maintaining its independence and not allowing interference by any third party - stakeholders in the higher vocational and higher education, and administrative and political bodies – in conducting its procedures and carrying out its activities; 
  9. regularly evaluating its activities according to the mission, vision, strategies and annual action plans, and providing permanent public access to self-evaluation reports of the Agency.

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