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The Agency provides for development and operation of the quality assurance system in the Slovenian higher education area. It operates responsibly, both formally and contextually, and counsels all stakeholders and participants in tertiary education in line with European and global development trends. 


The Agency shall, with its system of quality assurance development, contribute to the higher education in Slovenia being of high quality in terms of education and research, internationally recognisable, competitive and equally integrated in the global higher education area.


  • independence
  • openness and transparency
  • commitment to progress
  • responsibility
  • professionalism
  • efficiency

Strategic goals

  • Improving the professional work of the Agency.
  • Strengthening the independence and authority of the Agency.
  • Strengthening the quality culture.
  • Renewal of criteria and other acts of the Agency.
  • Establishing an efficient and user-friendly information system of the Agency.
  • Extending membership in ENQA and EQAR and strengthening the international cooperation of the Agency.
  • Reorganization of agency work.
  • Development work.