Higher Education Institution Fizioterapevtika

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Higher Education Institution Fizioterapevtika 
Bogatajeva ulica 15, 1215 Medvode 

HEI: Private HEI

Decision: The Agency Council adopted a decision to accredit the Higher Education institution Fizioterapevtika at its 80th session on 19 June 2014 for the period of seven years.

Accreditation expires on: 30 September 2021.
Full report of the group of experts


The higher education institution Fizioterapevtika has demonstrated its role in the economic and social development of local and broader environment and anticipated its impact on the environment. There is a possibility of good integration with local and broader environment, both with economic and public sector. The group of experts proposes that more higher education teachers should have full time employment at the institution in order to achieve a more stable structure of human resources.

Student enrolment is in accordance with the requirements of relevant environments. Employability of graduates is estimated based on the analysis of Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia and the Chamber of Physiotherapists of Slovenia. Agreements should be made with additional institutions for the provision of laboratory and clinical exercises, as well as for practical training. In Laško, Fizioterpaevtika has appropriate facilities and equipment. This institution also has an elaborated mission, vision and a strategy for quality assurance and a plan for the organization of the QA system taking into account the criteria of SQAA and the ESG standards.