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SQAA actively participates in the following ECA projects:

JOQAR: the general aim of the project is to facilitate the treatment joint study programmes, particularly in the fields of accreditation and recognition. Project partnership involves quality assurance agencies and accreditation agencies and bodies (services) for the recognition of qualifications. SQAA participates in the project as one of the four Coordinating agencies of the pilot procedures.

MULTRA: within the JOQAR project, SQAA is also included in the MULTRA project and strives to become its full member.

CeQuInt: the purpose of the project is to improve and promote the internationalisation process in higher education. The project also aims at developing methodology to measure internationalisation at both programme and institutional levels. Successful evaluation will lead to the European internationalisation certificate providing findings as to whether a study programme or higher education institution has successfully included international and intercultural dimension into its purpose, activity and transfer of higher education. SQAA participates in the project in the Steering group. It is responsible for selecting the study programme and conducting evaluation. The evaluation with the international group of experts from the field of higher education internationalisation will not be intended for the assessment of quality standards aimed at accreditation or re-accreditation but for assessing the standards of internationalisation quality and awarding the certificate. 

Qrossroads: the main aim of Qrossroads is to present qualifications granted within state-approved or accredited European higher education institutions and study programmes in the form of a register. These qualifications are presented from the aspect of the higher education system, a part of which is the information on national quality assurance and accreditation bodies and bodies for the recognition of acquired qualifications.

ECApedia: attempts to combine the useful knowledge from all aspects of quality systems in higher education. It is composed of two modules, the first relating to the training of European quality assurance experts and the other to the quality of joint study programmes. The project is currently being developed.

EEEP - ECA Expert Exchange Platform is intended to facilitate locating experts, publishing experts’ background in panel reports and, finally, sharing of (trained/experienced) experts across borders. The EEEP provides searchable, easy access information to experts’ profiles according to a common format. The experts’ profiles include information on personal details and CV, language skills, experience in academia/HE, professional experience, QA experience, QA training received.