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School of Technologies and Systems
Na Loko 2, 8000 Novo mesto

HEI: Private HEI

Decision: The Agency Council adopted a decision to re-accredit the School of Technologies and Systems at its 68th session on 13 June 2013 for the period of seven years.

Accreditation expires on: 30 September 2020.
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The School of Technologies and Systems (STS) is a HE institution mostly recognised in the south-eastern region of Slovenia where there are currently no HE institutions from its field of education which also reflects the employment needs in business and non-business sector. The majority of students of STS’ professional higher education programme are already employed as they graduate or they continue with the second cycle education. STS is well integrated with the local environment mostly by cooperating with various companies. The requirements for technically educated human resources are also apparent in the activities within the non-business sector where graduates appear as professionals in individual areas of service activities. 

STS has properly ordered premises and a well-stocked library. The provision of study programmes is supported by contemporarily equipped lecture rooms, computer rooms and laboratories which are constantly upgraded. All equipment is accessible to students during opening hours. STS’ finances are currently stable and suffice to cover all financial costs from its primary activity. The information on learning outcomes of students and the entire education is regularly collected and analysed. Although the self-evaluation report does not clearly specify all areas of assessment, the evaluation of quality is given for all activities of STS. In order to improve the quality of its functioning, STS plans to appoint a committee for the evaluation of teacher excellence.

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Technologies and Systems

First, professional programme

80th session, 19 June 2014