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School of Advanced Social Studies
Gregorčičeva 19, 5000 Nova Gorica

HEI: Private HEI – Faculty

Decision: The Agency Council adopted a decision to accredit the Faculty of Psychotherapy Science of the Sigmund Freud University in Ljubljana at its 71st session on 19 September 2013 for the period of seven years.

Accreditation expires on: 30 September 2021.
Full report of the group of experts

After having studied the documentation for assessment and based on the site visit we find that there are certain weaknesses and shortcomings (stated separately) which we present in individual sections of this report and recommend corrective measures and improvements. The Management of the School of Advanced Social Studies (SASS) has expressed readiness to consider and remedy these weaknesses and shortcomings.

SASS, as a private HE institution, and its management are entrepreneurial which we consider an advantage, and are aware of limitations to resources. Positive is the inclusion of all stakeholders into work and decision-making; however, it should be strengthened. Students appropriately participate in all bodies of the faculty. They, however, should also be included in the development of existing and new study programmes.

SASS emphasizes professional and practical orientation of its study programmes and the importance of acquiring knowledge and competencies. In developing its study programmes and establishing knowledge, SASS is flexible and it focuses on the needs of market and environment. We compliment the good communication between students, faculty management and the support services as well as good response of the faculty to the needs and incentives of students.

We estimate that education is well organized; in its development, SASS should formally organize its operation and HR growth including the employment of higher education teachers and faculty assistants. It should intensify its efforts to develop other fundamental activities (research, formalization and expansion of cooperation with the environment – also abroad). Student mobility should be strengthened, while as the mobility of higher education teachers and faculty assistants is appropriate.

Based on this, the group of experts estimates that SASS and its study programmes “Applied Social Studies” (first cycle) and “Inter-cultural Management” (second cycle) meet the re-accreditation criteria. The weaknesses and shortcomings mentioned in the report can be remedied or improved based on the findings and recommendations of the report.

Study Programme

Cycle, Type

Council Decision

Full Report

Applied Social Studies

First, university programme

71st session, 19 September 2013


Intercultural Management


71st session, 19 September 2013