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Faculty of Design
Prevale 10, 1236 Trzin

HEI: Private HEI – Faculty

Decision: The Agency Council granted consent for the transformation of the College of Design into Faculty of Design at its 65th session on 10 May 2013.

Accreditation expires on: 30 September 2020.
Full report of the group of experts on the transformation: Full report

The group of experts found that the College of Design has met all the criteria for transformation into the faculty (Faculty of Design). The HE institution is formally well organized.

It is evident that the College of Design has been constantly developing into what it announced during its initial institutional accreditation, especially: drafting of self-evaluation reports, annual work plans, quality manual, strategic plans, graduate survey analyses, student survey analyses, public information catalogue, upgrading of statute, drafting of awards and projects list, list of projects sorted by disciplines, patents' list, list of Erasmus bilateral agreements, list of employee trainings, habilitation criteria, rules on internal organization, evidence of participation in projects, enrolment analyses and graduate employment analyses. The College of Design also employed a sufficient number of HE teachers and a sufficient number of HE teachers and professional assistants. Formally, this HE institution may transform into a faculty since it meets all the criteria for transformation.

[…] The College of Design has accordingly replied to all remarks by the group of experts. We consider this institution to be well organized, meeting all the criteria for the transformation into a faculty.

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First, professional programme

65th session, 10 May 2013