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University of Ljubljana
Kongresni trg 12, SI-1000 Ljubljana
HEI: University
Decision: The Agency Council adopted a decision to reaccredit the University of Ljubljana at its 62th session on 13 March 2013.
The decision entered into force on: 24 April 2013
Accreditation expires on: 30 September 2020.
Report of the group of experts: Full report 
University of Ljubljana, UL occupies a central place in the Slovenian higher education and in the Slovenian society, it is active in the areas of special social significance and thus contributes to the cultural, social and economic development of society. UL has in the country is undoubtedly most concentrated potential, both in terms of research and development work and in the process of higher education. UL in the last five year period made progress towards an integrated university. Perhaps the greatest progress has UL during this period made in the provision of comprehensive quality assurance system, which will only come to life in full. All the conditions have been created for the provision of a comprehensive quality assurance system. In conclusion, we highlight the following key strengths and opportunities for improvement.
Only minor inconsistency was detected but it is already ammending during evaluation.